Off Licence & Off Sales Jonesborough

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We have a wide range of alcohol to suit every taste in our off-licence.


We have an extended range of beers in our off sales including bottles and tins. A selection from all over the world. Come down and have a look and pick something you like.


Visit our off sales for a wide selection of spirits including Gin, Vodka, Rum, Brandy, Cream, Liqueur, Sambuca, Port and Sherry


If whiskey in your drink of choice then McGeoughs of Jonesborough has the widest range of whiskey in the local area to choose from including Bourbon, Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky


Wine is one of the most popular drinks bought from an off licence and the range of wine that people enjoy the taste of is huge, that’s why we carry a large wine selection to suit everyone including White Germany, Rose Germany, Red Germany, Red Spain, White Spain, Rose Portugal, Red Australia, White Australia, Red Chile, White Chile, Rose Chile, Rose Australia, White California, Red California, Rose California, Red New Zealand, White New Zealand, Rose Spain, Red France, White France, Red Argentia, White Argentia and much, much more…


If you’re celebrating an special occasion and want to have the perfect drink to accompany it then we have an extended range of Champagne and Sparkling fine wines to mark the occasion.


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