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fresh product Jonesborough Newry


Fresh Produce – supplied fresh from Nisa, we strive to deliver high quality fruit and vegetables while maintaining value for our customers. Through regular offers and weekend specials, we make it easy for families to enjoy a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables each day at an affordable price.


fresh meat Jonesborough Newry

Fresh Meats – Fresh meats supplied by local award winning butcher William Baird. The meat range varies from succulent freshly prepared sausages to tasty ready made meals suitable for all the family. Baird’s meats are sourced locally from the surrounding Newry area. Further information on his products can be found on his website www.williambairdbutchers.com



off license Jonesborough Newry

Off License  – with the biggest off license in the surrounding area, we cater for all tastes and budgets North and South of the border. Our prices are competitive in that we aim to beat all local and major supermarkets. We also offer competitive bulk buy packages to supply any events or parties.



home heating oil drums Jonesborough Newry

Heating oil – We aim to have the lowest competitive kerosene price and highest quality product for our customers We sell directly to the domestic customer and offer superb savings and friendly service to our Southern and Northern customers.

We provide, free of charge, oil bowsers (1000 Ltr capacity) to our customers to transport to their property, (Terms & Conditions apply) we also provide pre filled, 20 litre drums of home heating oil.



bags of coal Jonesborough Newry


Coal – We only stock CPL Homefire quality coal with excellent prices and bulk buy offers for our customers North & South of the border. Ranging from Hi Heat Premium coal to everyday Household coal, we have the cheapest range of Homefire products in the area.

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